Out the Rear Window

Grandpa Z’s side yard

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Oberöwisheim Germany is a special place for Grandpa Z.  Oberöwisheim is the German home town of Grandpa Z’s grandfather Bernard Zoz came to the United States with his sister Katarina in 1853. Bernard finally settled in Bellefontaine, Ohio.  Katarina married and raised a family in  Easton, Pennsylvania.  Bernard’s younger brother Alois came to the U.S. a bit later and settled in Cass County, Nebraska where his descendents still farm the land that he tilled.  Joseph and Ignatz, Bernard and Alois’s cousins came to the U.S. in the 1860’s and settled in the Cincinnati area. They were stone masons.

Sebastian Zoz and his family immigrated  to North America in 1858 according to the German records.  The census records of the US during the period resulted in nothing about Sebastian’s family. The family could not be found in the U.S.  In 2004, a genealogy link was posted on the internet –


and within a year the link was found by Marlise F., a fellow Zoz surname genealogist. Marlise  provided over 4000 names to the Zoz research whose ancestral immigrant was Sebastian who immigrated to Brazil in 1862. This past year Marlise wrote a beautiful Zoz Family genealogy book about the Zoz immigration to Brazil.

The Zoz genealogy starts in 1683 with Oswald in Oberöwisheim.   Alphons O. and Christine T. in Germany are continuing the research.  Recently Alphons found what may be Oswald’s father in a nearby village.

The saga continues.

Rural Oberöwisheim Germany – Photo provided by Alphons O.

Shannon in Egypt

Several years ago, Shannon and a friend backpacked through the Middle East and Europe living in hostels. It was a great experience for Shannon.   One of the stops was the Great Pyramids in Egypt.  She just had to have her picture taken on a camel.  

Rural Oberöwisheim Germany – Photo provided by Alphons O.

Mount Rainier

Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower on the east end of the South Rim. It was built in 1932 and is 70 feet tall.  This picture was taken during a 2003 Elderhostel (now Road Scholar) trip.

Grand Canyon - South Rim