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My name is Grandpa Z.  (aka Ron Zoz)  I am old.  My grandkids say very, very old.  I am married to Grandma Z.  I am a very lucky man. The years 1938 and 1960 are special to both of us.  I like music, drum corps, marches, brass, ham radio, photography, computers, golf and a lot of other stuff.  Before I retired, I was a high school band director.  

I started a family website called Zoz.cc in 1997. It was updated on a weekly basis.  In 2001, I purchased the GrandpaZ.com domain name and began making daily changes to the webpage.  In November, 2011  www.GrandpaZoz.com was brought to life due to hosting outage on www.GrandpaZ.com

GrandpaZ.com has been a family webpage containing links to family genealogy research. The webpage has connected us with family in Europe as well as South America. It also generates several queries a week about the genealogy.   

GrandpaZoz.com has the following sections at various times:

                                OUT THE REAR WINDOW:  Pictures from around the world   

                                GRANDPA BOB:  Quotes provided by Grandpa Bob, collected from various sources. 

                                WEEKLY PUZZLE:  Something to get the brain working and you even get your name posted. But, only if you are right.

                                BIRTHDAYS/ANNIVERSARIES:  Current Family & Friends events

                                FACES:   Faces pictures, no names.  Sometimes only eyes

                                BLAST FROM THE PAST:  Older pictures from here and there

                                OTHER STUFF:  Other crazy stuff, videos, jokes, etc

                                 LINKS:    Genealogy and other things I like

Feel free to offer suggestions, articles, subjects and comments in the “What should we write about next?”  line.  The first time you offer a comment in the comment box, you will have to be approved.  The second time your comment will post right away.   

If you think you would like to write something and post it on GrandpaZoz.com, let me know.

Grandpa Z Email: gpz@grandpazoz.com

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