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Brother and sister complete the Frederick, Maryland “Nut Job.”  Ed stays true to his Ohio “Roots” by wearing his recently acquired Ohio Caverns Cap.  The “Nut Job” was Rhonda’s first runs after an 18-month layoff  due to Achilles tendonitis. Congratulations to both for a job well done!

The Railroad Museum in Dennison features a N gauge model of the original railroad yard of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

A Vibrant Beethoven Fifth: Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic

Beethoven’s Wordless Recitatives – The Listeners’ Club – Click Here!!

Ludwig van Beethoven may not be the first composer who comes to mind when considering recitative- the sung dialogue that links arias and other musical numbers in an opera or oratorio. Beethoven wrote only one opera, Fidelio, which uses more spoken dialogue than recitative. He spent almost ten excruciating years revising the work, writing four different overtures, and enduring harsh criticism, until finding success with the final 1814 version.


A Charles Ives Fourth of July – Click Here!