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Turn Clocks back one hour;  fall back.  Daylight savings time ends at 2AM on Sunday, November 1.  Change clocks before going to bed Saturday night (Halloween).

Abby, Rhonda & Rachel - at the Farm

Abby, Rhonda & Rachel – at the Farm


Rachel, GPZ & Abby at the Farm

Rachel, GPZ & Abby at the Farm

Grandpa Z’s Weekly Puzzle –

Contest period – October 26 through October 30

 Level of Difficulty: 5.23 of 10

 The Sick Nephew

 Uncle Reuben was in the big city to visit his sister, Mary Ann.  They were walking together along a city street when they came to a small hotel.

“Before we go any farther,” Reuben said to his sister, “I should like to stop a moment and inquire about a sick nephew of mine who lives in this hotel.”

“Well, ” replied Mary Ann, “seeing as I don’t happen to have any sick nephew to worry about, I will just trot on home.  We can continue our sightseeing this afternoon.

What relation was Mary Ann to that mysterious nephew?



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Mary Ann was the nephew’s MOM!!



The correct answer may be viewed here on Saturday & Sunday!

This Week’s Puzzle Results: Attempts: 5; Correct: 3;

Persons with the correct answer for this week’s puzzle

Who got it right??


1.) Alphons O. in Oberöwisheim, Germany

2.)  Dean B. in Sandusky, Ohio

3.) Paul H. in Louisville, Ohio 

The Best Record Ever:

Mind Boggler 2 –

31 on February 9, 2007

The Worst Record: Zero (0)

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June 8, 2015 – An Old Riddle

Kidron Auction

Thursdays at the Kidron Auction in Kidron Ohio

Photo by Rachel H.

Bellefontaine, Ohio

Bellefontaine, Ohio



Click here for A tediously accurate scale model of our solar system

Ron and his Girls - 1988

Ron and his Girls – 1988

This photo was taken after Jill’s graduation with a BA from Bowling Green State University in May 1988

Shannon in India

Shannon in India


Click here to go to Shannon’s Blog –

Autumn in Oberöwisheim, Germany (photo by Alphons O.)

Autumn in Oberöwisheim, Germany (photo by Alphons O.)

My grandfather was born and raised in Oberöwisheim, Germany and cousin Alphons O.occasionally reminds us of the beauty of the area.  Thanks, Alphons.