Grandpa Z’s Weekly Puzzle –


Contest period – January 27 through January 31

Level of Difficulty: 3.00 of 10

Complicated Proverbs

A feathered biped in the terminal part of the arm equals in value a pair of feathered bipeds in densely branched shubbery.

What is the common proverb?




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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


This Week’s Puzzle Results: Attempts: 6; Correct: 6;

Persons with the correct answer for this week’s puzzle

Who got it right??

1.)  Alphons O. in Oberöwisheim, Germany

2.)  Mike Z. in Alvo, Nebraska

3.)  Dean B. in Sandusky, Ohio

4.) Bill L. in Greenwich, Ohio

5.) Marlene J. in Greenwich, Ohio

6.) Carl F. in Haley, Oregon