Grandpa Z’s Weekly Puzzle –

Contest period – September 30 through October 4

Level of Difficulty: 7.63 of 10

Meeting Uncle Bill

My old uncle Bill likes to walk over to have lunch with us on Sundays.  Recently we felt it was too long a walk for him and I have driven toward his house and picked him up and driven him the last part of the way.  Both Uncle Bill and I are very methodical.  He always starts at the same time and walks at the same speed and I start to meet him at the same time and drive at the same speed.  As a result, I always pick him up at the same point on the road and get home at the same time.

Last Sunday something went wrong.  I had to drive farther than usual and returned with him to our house 10 minutes later.  When I questioned him, he explained that he had started as usual but had stopped for a time to watch a tree-planting ceremony outised a church he had to pass.

If I drive at thirty-six miles an hour and Uncle Bill walks at three miles an hour, how long did Uncle Bill spend watching the tree planting?


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1 hour & 5 minutes

If I am home to minutes late I must have driven for 5 minutes more before I picked up Uncle Bill.  Hence, I picked him up 5 minutes later than usual.  In 5 minutes I drive (36 / 12) miles which is 3 miles.  Hence, I picked him up 3 miles nearer his home, 5 minutes later than usual.  Uncle Bill would have walked the 3 miles in 1 hour.  He must have watched the tree planting for 1 hour and 5 minutes.


This Week’s Puzzle Results: Attempts: 5; Correct:  1;

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1.)  Grandpa Z



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7.) June 10, 2013 *8*

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9.) April 8, 2013 * Wednesday *

10.) February 18, 2013 * 10 *



The Best Record: Thirty one (31)

February 9, 2007 – Mind Boggler 2 –

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September 30, 2013 – Uncle Bill (73)