Click here for the Great Blizzard of 1978

Local recollections:

What was a January thaw rain storm and fog on Wednesday the 25th when we went to bed, turned out to be a blizzard during the night. The winds were so severe during that early Thursday morning of January 26th, we had snow drifts in the attic of our home. The snow had blown up through the air vents of the attic. We shoveled snow into trash cans to remove it. We had blowing winds for all of Thursday and Friday resulting in a ground cover of snow that exceeded 24 inches and drifts that went well up onto the house. When the winds finally subsided we literally had to dig the house out of a snow drift. We did not have school for a week.

We had a family tradition when the kids were growing up. Each child got to pick the restaurant for their birthday dinner. Edgar’s birthday was and still is on January 30th, a Monday that year. He was seven years old. His selection was Creamer’s in the flats of Mansfield so we loaded everyone into the car. On the drive south, we encountered the National Guard plowing snow and cleaning State Route 13 and had to wait a bit to get through. We made it down and back that Monday afternoon and evening. It was a joyous occasion!

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